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Move EU

<p><strong>Move EU&rsquo;s position on the greening of corporate fleets initiative</strong></p>

Move EU’s position on the greening of corporate fleets initiative

Move EU represents platforms which offer ride-hailing services with licenced PHV and taxi drivers across the EU. Digital platforms do not own vehicles, but partner with hundreds of thousands of professional drivers across Europe who purchase, rent or lease their vehicles. Move EU supports the ambitions of the EU Green Deal and believes that the ride-hailing/taxi sector has an important role to play in contributing to the decarbonization of the transportation sector.

While we are seeing across Europe an increased appetite from professional drivers to transition to EVs, they face significant hurdles. One of the main obstacles is the lack of EV supply and affordable EVs. A majority of ride-hailing drivers either lease their vehicles or purchase them in the second EV market. Unfortunately, the EV offer is currently very limited to them, in particular as the second-hand EV market is almost non-existent in Europe. 

An EU green fleet initiative is an opportunity to accelerate the transition of corporate fleets if the right conditions are met and build the conditions for the creation of a second EV market which would largely benefit the entire transportation sector. Ride-hailing and taxi drivers would constitute one of the main sources of demand for new and used electric vehicles.

Move EU sees value in setting a realistic trajectory for all types of fleets, from OEMs to leasing companies, to move in the same direction and at a pace proportional to the fleet’s impact, to provide professional car users with sufficient EV supply.

Move EU is clear that a quick and viable EV uptake among fleets, incl. urban mobility service fleets, will only be made possible if problematic regulations hindering the overall efficiency of the transport system are addressed and if a comprehensive mix of incentives is implemented. 

Supportive measures should be taken to accelerate the EV uptake, incl.:

  • More financial support: in some markets, financial aid to purchase an EV has been decreased or removed; ride-hailing drivers who need a car to generate earnings, are among the most impacted populations.
  • Better access to at home charging: a majority of ride-hailing drivers do not want to switch to EVs because they don’t have access to a charging station near their homes, in particular in suburban areas.
  • Availability of fast charging: urban centers still lack an appropriate network of fast charging stations. This has a direct impact on drivers’ revenues who need to make longer breaks during their working days to recharge.
  • Removal of operating constraints, such as the return-to-garage rule or car size requirements.
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